‘This Thing of Ours’

I’ve been working on a little passion project with a few of my favourite local comedians. We decided to form, for lack of a better word, a comedy troupe. This Thing of Ours features a recurring line up of:
– Dan Rath
– Sam Bowden
– Michelle Azevedo
– Joel Spargo
& of course, little old me.

It’s a really great show. At the moment we’ve got a residency at my favourite Brisbane venue, Padre on the last Wednesday of every month, but we’re also securing shows in other places, and plan on touring it by the end of the year.

The show itself is a blend of stand-up comedy and whatever we feel like implementing into the show. The idea is that every show will be unique in it’s own way.


Episode 22: Sam Bowden, David Woodhead, Stephen Smith.

New episode of Deus Ex Comedia is out now! This episode features three of my favourite guys getting around the Brisbane comedy scene at the moment:
Sam Bowden – A great comic who I started with around the same time. He moved to London as a beginner and came back an absolute dynamo on stage.
David Woodhead – An 18 year old comedian from Darwin originally, who moved to Brisbane after he made it into the national grand final of Raw Comedy.
Steven Smith – One of the most interesting comedians that has started performing in Brisbane over the last year. Self nominated as, “The Worst Person In The World.”

This episode is one of the most heartwarming, stomach-churning, morality questioning episodes I’ve ever had the pleasure of producing. I agonised over releasing this episode on account on the stories that come out, but in the end I left them in and I think we created something that is really honest, interesting and definitely funny.

Deus Ex Comedia: Episode 19 – Joel Spargo, Sam Bowden, Jack Gramenz

New episode of Deus Ex Comedia is now out! This episode features three of my favourite local comedians, two of which have been on the podcast plenty of times before.

This is one of the most chaotic episodes I’ve had to edit yet. All 4 of us ended up drinking and because we hadn’t seen each other in so long, it turned into more of a hang out and catch up than a normal podcast. All in all it took me about 3 weeks to edit this down into something listenable for the public. For a time it was the bane of my existence but, as any good father should, I’ve come to love it despite it’s flaws.

I hope you enjoy. As always, it’s available on iTunes.

Deus Ex Comedia: Episode 18 – Chris Martin and Taylor Edwards

The latest episode of Deus Ex Comedia is now out on Soundcloud and iTunes and features two brand new guests from the wild world of improv – Chris Martin and Taylor Edwards!

I’ve known these guys for a few years now. Originally I met them through a show that I used to produce and host in Brisbane called Fresh Meat. We’ve also performed together dozens of times on other shows. As a duo they’ve just completed runs at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. More importantly than all of that though, they’re just really nice people. I really enjoyed hanging out with them and making this episode, and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Deus Ex Comedia: Episode 17 – Michelle Azevedo and Ryan Sim

Deus Ex Comedia is starting to come back! I’ve moved studios, acquired a new recording set up and got the ball rolling again. First episode of our grand return features good buddy and producer behind Yarn Storytelling, Ryan Sim as well as my lovely girlfriend and fellow comedian, Michelle Azevedo.

Talking everything from ANZAC Day, to Andre the Giant and working with Blink 182.

Also available on iTunes.

New Stand-Up Recordings on Soundcloud!

I’ve started uploading recordings of my performances to my Soundcloud account. Most of it is material that I don’t perform anymore and I don’t mind sharing. Some of them are from one-off performances that were really fun.

The clips should also appear on iTunes if you’re subscribed to my podcast, Deus Ex Comedia. Consider it a little bit of bonus material while we put together a new studio.

– Jacob.

Deus Ex Comedia – Episode 16: The Yarn Storytelling Bootleg

Hot damn! A new episode of Deus Ex Comedia is out!

I know it’s been a while between episodes. Our previous recording studio has been rendered defunct, so I’m recording from the home studio.
This podcast features a bootleg recording from a show I did recently for Yarn Storytelling in Brisbane. It’s not stand-up, but it is funny. The theme of the night was, “Animals” which if you know anything about my childhood from my stand-up or the podcast, is the perfect topic for me. It’s fucked, dark and was really fun to perform.

I hope you enjoy it!  (Here’s a link to iTunes, if that’s how you choose to live your life.)