Fresh Meat #1

Of course, to fully understand the magnitude of each show, you need to be there. This brief video was taken and compiled for Zac Van Manen’s personal vlog and it looks very nice.

Fresh Meat #1 was a success!

Fresh Meat.

FRESH MEAT #1 – LIVE at the Brightside(Only SFW if you work somewhere that sells dildos.) Subscribe on YouTube:

Posted by Manesz Productions on Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fresh Meat Returns!


I’m so excited to announce the return of this. In 2013 I created a live show called ‘Fresh Meat’ in a little Brisbane cafe bar and it was the most balls-to-the-wall fun possible. Now we’re back in May, with a huge venue (The Brightside!) for 3 shows only!

If you don’t know the good word; Fresh Meat is an unhinged, live comedy extravaganza hosted by myself. On the base level, each show features an eclectic line up of my favourite local comedians performing their own unique performance piece. It’s stand-up, music, sketch, all the while I do my best to mess with them as much as possible. I’ve got the whole show rigged to be a complete gauntlet.
At the end of every show is the infamous “Mince” round where the performers are pitted against myself and each other with challenges, sabotage and over the top inappropriate behaviour.