Sydney – Day 3

Day 3 in Sydney. Dropped my toothpaste tube down an open drain in the bathroom this morning. Friendly American named Mike saw the mishap and graciously let me borrow a dollop of his Sensodyne. After breakfast I returned to the building to find all of the sinks in the shared bathroom are now taped off for repairs. I’m almost entirely certain that this is just a coincidence and nothing to do with my rogue Colgate, but nonetheless, I still feel a nagging urge to track down my American Mike and see if he’s a squealer.
I don’t want to snap-assess, but it’s easy to judge a man’s fortitude when all you know about him is his teeth sensitivity, and I can’t have this man, with constitution as weak as his enamel, buckling like a belt and ratting me out for fucking the pipes 3 days into a 7 day booking.

New Dates – Brisbane + Sydney

Fresh Meat is done and dusted. Thank you to those who came and enjoyed the shows. They were strange, violent and hilarious. I have no interest in reviving the show as a serial project but I might bring it back as a one off next year if I feel the urge again.

New show dates for Brisbane and Sydney are now available.
I’ve been cowardly putting off a run through Sydney for about 4 years but, through gritted teeth, I sent enough emails to strangers to organise a full run at the end of July. Dates and venues in the Shows page.

Fresh Meat #1

Of course, to fully understand the magnitude of each show, you need to be there. This brief video was taken and compiled for Zac Van Manen’s personal vlog and it looks very nice.

Fresh Meat #1 was a success!

Fresh Meat.

FRESH MEAT #1 – LIVE at the Brightside(Only SFW if you work somewhere that sells dildos.) Subscribe on YouTube:

Posted by Manesz Productions on Sunday, May 7, 2017