Sydney – Day 3

Day 3 in Sydney. Dropped my toothpaste tube down an open drain in the bathroom this morning. Friendly American named Mike saw the mishap and graciously let me borrow a dollop of his Sensodyne. After breakfast I returned to the building to find all of the sinks in the shared bathroom are now taped off for repairs. I’m almost entirely certain that this is just a coincidence and nothing to do with my rogue Colgate, but nonetheless, I still feel a nagging urge to track down my American Mike and see if he’s a squealer.
I don’t want to snap-assess, but it’s easy to judge a man’s fortitude when all you know about him is his teeth sensitivity, and I can’t have this man, with constitution as weak as his enamel, buckling like a belt and ratting me out for fucking the pipes 3 days into a 7 day booking.